Samiyah Ali

Samiyah Ali


Samiyah, born in New Jersey, migrated to Florida after college and found it to be a Gem with endless opportunities and beautiful weather, she connected with real estate. With a background in business management/ majoring in Marketing, Samiyah started her real estate journey late 2006 right before the great recession this caused her to pivot into new layers uncovering a niche in foreclosure sales serving investors as they grow their portfolios. Studying speakers like Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown. During this time she indulged in personal development, built long term relationships and an impeccable reputation, dedicated to serving the industry ever since. Understanding Real estate is a cyclical business she’s added many niches to her portfolio. Luxury Home Sales, Vacation Homes, Investors, Commercial Office space and now Global. She wants you to see the WORLD through Real estate! 

As the Broker, she operates as the Director of international affairs. Her innovative mindset and a firm believer “the law of intention is the law of attraction'' ignited her passion to open Global premier real estate agency where she found an opportunity to expand on her knowledge and expertise by assisting agents to achieve their goals. Her intention for GPREA, a small but robust boutique style, with enormous potential and dynamic culture is on a path to expand rapidly.

Samiyah’s goal is to be the resource which finds the HOW in each situation, while staying compliant and ethical, building trust in each transaction. She finds that Leadership is also an important aspect of building a profitable establishment. A Combination of Reliable support, education, Systems, Networking and Follow Up.. She brings Solutions to the home buying process.

Her motto is you must leave people better than you found them...Intended for an agent with a vision.. She loves to challenge the narrative, by changing lives, bringing new ideas, and having fun with the legacy in mind. Over her extensive career she has transacted many sales. Florida has a vast level of architecture, the eyes are always entertained and the mind is open to learn. Fascinating, she has found her Niche in Luxury Real Estate, like a work of Art. Understanding the power of Real estate ownership is the foundation for generational wealth. Luxury Real estate is about lifestyle exploration of convenience and exclusivity. Everything we touch is some form of Real estate we connect through Culture, Language and lifestyles. Real estate as a passion she became motivated to train and develop a system to help agents be successful.  

She holds an active voice in the Broker’s council, DIPC (Dubai International Property Consultant), CE2x, Global Council, C.I.P.S. ( Certified International Property Specialist) G.R.I (Graduate Real Estate Institute) Grievance Committee (in charge of evaluating Realtors’ violations), A member of the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce, and Women’s Council of Real estate supporting the community in many ways. Charitable organizations such as Give kids the world, and local school programs, Great Honor House, Helping Hands, Habitat for Humanities and The United Way.

Personal traits: A bit geeky in a sense, Would love to meet: Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Corcoran, Jay Abraham, Denzel Washington. Love nature, In her career she’s learned taking the time to regroup is important when preparing for greatness. Health is wealth.